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  • SJ-410 便攜式表面粗糙度測量儀




    Surftest SJ-410日本三豐Mitutoyo 178系列小型表面粗糙度測量儀

    Surftest SJ-410 Series 178-Portable Surface



    · 配備大型觸摸屏彩色液晶顯示器,實現直觀操作和卓越易用性。



    ·檢出器 測量范圍: 800µm 分辨力: 0.0001µm (選擇范圍8µm)

    ·驅動器 直線度/驅動長度: 0.3µm/25mm (SJ-411)直線度/驅動長度: 0.5µm/50mm (SJ-412)

    ·使用收集到的點群數據分析表面粗糙度,也可簡易地進行輪廓形狀解析(階差、階差量、面積、坐標差)。可對在輪廓形狀測量 機上不能分析的細微形狀進行分析。


    Both skidded and skidless measurement are possible with this series. Equipped with 46 roughness parameters that conform to the latest ISO, DIN, ANSI, and JIS standards.

    A wide-range, high-resolution detector and a drive unit provide superior high accuracy measurement in its class. Detector

    Measuring range: 800μm

    Resolution: 0.000125μm (at 8μm range)

    Drive unit

    Straightness/traverse length

    SJ-411: 0.3μm/25mm

    SJ-412: 0.5μm/50mm

    Ultra-fine steps, straightness and waviness can be measured by using the skidless measurement function.

    The handheld data processing unit and the 5.7-inch color graphic LCD touch-panel provides superior readability and operability. The LCD also includes a backlight for improved visibility in dark environments.

    The excellent user interface provides intuitive and easy-to-understand operability.

    Measured data can be output to a PC with optional RS-232C or USB cable.

    Digital filter function for non-distorted roughness profiles.

    GO/NG judgment function.

    Auto-calibration function.

    The display interface supports 16 languages, which can be freely switched.

    Simplified contour analysis function supports the four types of measurement: step, level change, area and coordinate difference.

    Access to each feature can be passwordprotected, which prevents unintended operations and allows you to protect your settings.

    The optional attachments for mounting on a column stand significantly increase the operability.




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